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Let's talk about support

Health and support. These two terms are the key pillars of leading a healthy life. Yet, the latter of the two is often ignored, even at the professional level. So in this post, we talk about health and how adequate support ties into that.

Even at the top level, where individuals have the highest possible fitness, the lack of support is very apparent. I am referring to the unfortunate situation of athletes, especially those coming from countries like mine, who receive nothing but a miserly salary and some additional benefits. Too many individuals to list in this article have spoken out very vocally against the poor support facilities. And yet, little to nothing is done by the authorities.

Well, there is no 1 type of support. The concept of support extends its arms into various realms, but it may be worthwhile to mention a few names. For starters, mental health support is an integral aspect of leading a healthy life. Financial support in today's age and time has also become a necessity. But one thing frequently overlooked is the support of time. Giving someone your time is the most supportive thing you can do for them.

Now, what role did support play in my life? Well, had it not been for the people, nay, the person that supported me through my entire endeavour, I wouldn't have been miles close to achieving what I have today. That person is my mother.

My mom has been a source of love and support for me throughout my childhood. In times when I was down, she was there for me. In times when I needed any guidance, she was always there. And even in my journey down this lane of improving my health, she was there all along.

It all began with her help. When I reached my tipping point, I finally broke down and admitted I needed to change. I did not think she would be willing to help me. I was disproven in a matter of seconds!

She was the one who ended up finding me a dietician/counsellor to instruct me through my weight loss. Being a typical North Indian mother, it was not an easy switch to using little to no oil/butter ("Only shudh ghee", as a true Punjabi would say). And yet she was unphased, through all my incessant demands and my frankly disordered eating habits. She readily spent money buying healthy foodstuffs. For those of you who don't know, healthy food is very costly in India.

However, the most valuable form of support that she offered me was the support of her time. She gave me the time to recognise my faults. The time to experiment in the kitchen with her, making it look like an utter mess! Her time is probably the reason why my journey was very smooth.

I have written this post for her and all those people who offer some form of support. I also want this post to shed some light on how one is to go about losing weight. All you require is support. If you find that, then leave the health care to us ;)!

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