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My journey to leading a healthy life: A personal account

Hi all! My name is Tejas Chakrabarti. I am the creator of Salitas. And today, I wished to share my journey to leading a healthy lifestyle. I began working on this project not too long ago, around summer of 2021. By that time I was towards the tail end of my fitness journey. So, how did I get here? Growing up, I would be a very athletic kid. I took part in many sports, such as football, tennis etc. I then shifted into a new area and much of the access to all these amenities was cut off. I began gaining weight, however I still managed to remain decently active.

The culture of working out and regularly exercising was something that I adopted much later in life. Coming from an average Indian family, working out was something that was not commonplace in my household. Thus, while I engaged in sports, I was not a very fit kid.

As I grew older, my engagement in activities gradually declined as well. It was by chance that I realised my real passion lied in studying the sciences, and that while I did enjoy playing games, training for them regularly was not my cup of tea.

That, coupled with the fact that I did not have many friends, really disincentivized the entire process for me. Soon, I was leading a sedentary lifestyle, as I spent my evenings sitting at home. And as is ever-so-often the case with most people living a sedentary life, I developed a liking for junk food.

While the food prepared at home was not unhealthy per se, I would often be snacking between meals and eating larger-than-required portions, which only added to my weight gain.

By this time I did not just remain overweight, I was on the verge of obesity. I changed schools, and what followed suit was a barrage of bullying and name-calling. While the reasons for the actions of my bullies were many, one of their main focuses was my weight. My difficult life in school, coupled with a myriad of familial problems landed me in depression.

The depression played out as self hate, and at the centre of it all was my physical appearance. I began loathing the way I looked, and my bodyweight. To the point that I stopped living life as I used to. I relied on my snacks as a "coping" mechanism, because they provided me with a short-lived serotonin boost.

Another school switch happened, the situation played out in the same way, and my health only got worse. It was to the point that I would forcefully hurt myself. Then, in 2020, I reached a tipping point. I decided enough was enough and got incorporated into a fitness program.

My heart broke when I saw my weight on the scale for the first time. I weighed in at 119.5 kg. I was obese. I did not know how to react. Luckily, I had reached a point where in I was ready to do anything it took. What followed suit was months and months of rigorous dieting, daily workouts, and a general maintenance of my health.

About 1 year later, I weigh in at 68 kg. I would like for my story to be a source of encouragement to others to take this journey head on, and an example to not commit the same mistakes. I started this journey not because I recognised the changes that needed to be made, but because I hated myself. I dieted so rigorously that it put my health at risk. And so, it is my aim with Salitas, to help people achieve their goals without making the same mistakes.

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